Car Servicing in Charlton, South East London SE7

It is recommended that cars go through a full service every 12 months or every 10,000 miles. This will make sure that the vehicle is effectively maintained and that any developing issues are identified early. At S & M Garage & Motor Services, we carry out car servicing that is completed in line with the manufacturer’s specifications. Our highly skilled mechanics use the latest technology and procedures to complete a thorough service as well as a variety of car repairs.

Vehicle Servicing in Charlton, South East London SE7

For a full service or expert repairs, get in touch with S & M Garage & Motor Services. A full service at our garage starts at £100 + VAT, a price which includes parts and labour. A full service covers:

  • Oil and Air Filter Change
  • Spark Plugs (Unless Platinum Type or Diesel Engine)
  • Fuel Filter (If Diesel Engine)
  • Brake Service - Check and Adjust
  • Light Levels and Tyre Checks
  • Fan Belt and Wipers

If brakes, tyres, exhaust, fan belt, wipers, and bulbs are required, there shall be an extra cost for parts, labour, and VAT.

A full service will take approximately one-and-a-half hours, but please allow between three and five hours in case any additional work is necessary.

Book Your Service

By calling us and speaking to our team, you can book your car’s service directly. Each member of the team at S & M Garage & Motor Services is a fully trained technician capable of carrying out work involving:

Brakes, Tyres, Exhaust Changes, Suspension, Wheel Bearings, Clutch Changes, Cambelts, Head Gaskets, Engine Replacements, Diagnostics, ECU Fault Code Reading

A Convenient Location

Thanks to the proximity of our garage to Central London, a large number of our customers like to drop their car off with us, commute into London for a day of shopping or sightseeing, then collect their car in the evening. This makes us the perfect choice for vehicle services in the Charlton area.

Contact us now, in Charlton, South East London, to book a car service or repairs at our garage.

Serving in Your Area

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