Gearbox Specialist Repairs

At S & M Motor Services, we are proud of our expert knowledge of gearbox repairs in Plumstead, If you have Gearbox problems then we can help.

We specialise in the repair of Manual gearboxes and transmissions, reconditioned gearboxes and motor gearboxes.

For many years we have been supplying gearboxes to various areas of the country, due to our reputation for reconditioning gearboxes in Plumstead near Woolwich in South East London.

We offer a wide range of Gearbox and Transmission services including Gearbox Fitting, Gearbox Repairs, Diagnostic Checks, and Gearbox Replacement Parts and we also source a vast selection of branded Gearboxes from the most prominent manufacturers.

We replace and repair a wide range of manufacturer’s gearboxes including:

  • VW gearboxes-Citroen Gearboxes-Ford Gearboxes
  • Vauxhall Gearboxes-Renault Gearboxes-Subaru Gearboxes
  • Alfa Romeo Transmissions-Land Rover Gearboxes-Saab Gearboxes
  • Mitsubishi Sigma Gearboxes
  • And more

What's the differences between an automatic and a manual and transmission vehicle:

A manual transmission vehicle has a gear stick that permits you to change the transmission into the correct gear. It also incorporates a clutch pedal which opens the gears so that you can reliably shift it into the next gear. The driver has to do the work when driving a vehicle with a manual transmission, while in an automatic transmission vehicle the car does it for you when you've put it into drive.

S & M Motors are a dedicated car, van or light commercial vehicle manual gearbox specialist. With over 25 years’ experience, we are proud of our reputation of putting the customer first. As the region's foremost providers of top quality gearbox repairs in Plumstead and the surrounding areas, we are dedicated to maintaining the high standard of vehicle service you expect and deserve.

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