Clutch Specialist Repairs

S & M Garage and Motor services have been serving the local community in Plumstead and people of South East London for over 30 years, by providing quality Clutch Servicing and Clutch Repairs.

S & M Garage and Motor Services are one of the leading clutch repair and replacement garages in South East London and Kent.

We are a one stop shop for all your clutch repair work and replacement for all makes and models.

We have been replacing clutches for a long time now and all of our car mechanics are fully trained and experienced.

We have a great competitive edge on all the parts supplied.

Clutch Replacements in Plumstead

When it comes to Clutch replacements, we believe in excellence, and that isn't just about the parts we use. We want you to go home feeling cared for, and well looked after.

We aim to get to the source of the problem, find the best solution and help you understand exactly why your clutch needs replacing in the first place. After replacing the clutch, our technicians can explain the problem with your original one so you can see how it should look. This process can help you to avoid the problem occurring again, understanding the signs to look out for in future.

Clutch Replacements Not Always Necessary

Our technicians will walk you through all possible repair possibilities first, such as checking clutch fluid and other smaller parts. The goal isn't to get you to spend more money; it's to get you back in your car and on the road promptly.

When a clutch replacement is required, we only use the best suppliers. The idea is that you won't need to come back within a few months with the same problem.

We aim to give our clients quality service, and excellent value for money – our low-cost garage is on Plumstead High Street, our Car Service reception desk is a comfortable customer friendly setting.

The car service department in Plumstead to provide excellent value to you for all conventional car servicing demands including tyres, MOT preparation, cam belt replacements, exhausts and repairs, air conditioning, brake servicing and gearbox repairs. We will be happy to quote for your next scheduled car service or any other maintenance work needed for your car.

Clutch Advice

Problem: Strong Vibration

Probable Cause: Operation of clutch arm uneven, facings contaminated with oil, pressure plate defective, driven plate defective, damaged flywheel, worn spigot bearing.

Here at S & M Garage and Motor services in Plumstead South East London we have built up a remarkable reputation of honesty and quality of workmanship. We recognise the value of high quality information and give you knowledgeable and truthful advice when it comes to servicing or replacing your Clutch.

Our professional service doesn't stop at Clutch repairs and Clutch Replacements.We also service and maintain batteries, exhausts, wheels and steering. So take advantage of our collective years of experience from our dedicated and enthusiastic staff, by considering S & M Garage and Motor Services as your first choice for all your motoring needs.

Serving in Your Area

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