Gearbox Repairs in Belvedere, South East London DA17

Take advantage of our expert knowledge of gearbox repair and fitting in Belvedere, South East London. Here at S & M Garage & Motor Services, we offer first-class repairs on manual and automatic gearboxes and transmissions, and specialise in reconditioned gearboxes. What’s more, we also provide extensive diagnostic checks and replacement gearbox parts, sourced from only the biggest and best manufacturers.

Gearboxes We’re Able to Repair and Replace

Our repairs and replacements cover gearboxes for:







Alfa Romeo

Land Rover



Automatic Transmissions in Belvedere

An automatic transmission is a gearbox within a vehicle that automatically changes gear ratios when moving, leaving the driver free from manually changing gears. The majority of automatic transmissions have a tiny selection of gear ranges, mostly featuring neutral, drive, reverse, and parking.

Our Speciality

Here at S & M Garage & Motor Services, we are dedicated specialists in automatic gearbox repairs, with more than 25 years of experience and a solid reputation for putting our customers first. As the area’s leading providers of top-class gearbox repairs in Belvedere, we are committed to maintaining the high standard of vehicle services you anticipate and deserve.

Get in touch with us, in Belvedere, South East London, to find out more about our gearbox repairs and fitting.

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